Reviewing ‘Bookends’ by Jane Green

Reading bookends has been like coming home after a very long and tiresome vacation. Reading it is like dying- only to be made alive again with a new outlook on love and life. I never would have imagined to be this altered by something I picked up as a casual read. But then again, that is the point that the author is really trying to make – that life happens to have a very weird way of putting our shit together and that in the end, everything really turns out to be fine. That in the end, all that matters is where we are at the moment, the past and the future ceases to hold much value and when we reach that point of understanding, everything becomes so much easier and hopeful.
Bookends taught me to never loose hope in any circumstances, however impassable the barriers may seem.  The people you love most suddenly become strangers to you and you JUST DON’T KNOW what to do, how to behave and how the hell you got in such a tough spot in the first place. And then you realize, all of a sudden, that your life will never be the same but Bookends is here to remind you that sure it won’t be the same but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll change for the worse.
Amidst jokes and light hours spent with a close group of friends is a lesson to be learnt that all heartbreaks, infidelity and chaos aside, there is something pure about loving and being in love, something so irreplaceable about knowing that there is someone who knows your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone and that that someone is always going to be there, no matter what. This is what the book’s final message is. That  when adversity strikes at the most improbable hour, it matters what people you choose to surround and fill your life with and whether you know your worth enough to let go of those who are nothing but a toxic waste which will burn your whole life, inside out.
Bookends is about asking for forgiveness and then eventually forgiving. About the horrors that our past can inflict upon us if we let it, the importance of a proper closure, the ups and downs of relationships – be it friends or lovers – and the ultimate realization that life is too short for us to be even thinking how short it is!!

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