The Feminist Effect: A funeral of the ”good ol’ days”

A couple of days ago, I was just chatting with a friend when the topic of ‘feminism’ came up and I just casually asked what his views on the movement were. And he said, “I believe feminism is about raising voice for women’s rights for equality in opportunities n ol..” Yeah, those were his actual , his exact words.. I went on to ask what all did that ‘ol’ consisted of to which he replied, ” It’s a strong topic but I can’t speak much obt it coz i’ve not shown interest in this feminism thing tbh..”
Well, apart from his poor conversational skills, I was shocked at him for actually saying those words! He, who prides himself at his rather respectful attitude towards everyone. And then to make matters worse, he declared himself to be a homophobe and urged me not to support it either because, according to him, “this shit literally stinks!”  AANND THEN, he was back to feminist bashing again. And that was it for me. I’ve decided to clarify what feminism is and why people oppose it..


The old ‘tradition’ card

One of the reasons why people are so against feminism and same-sex marriage. Because it disrupts their weak towers of expired truths.. They know that the winds of reason WILL knock it down and so they’ll use ANY argument at their disposal to guard the insufficiencies in their belief systems.

We have traditionally been taught to put man on the highest pedestal. Each one of these non-supporters and homophobes are actually a result of a diet of well conditioned beliefs fed to them from a very early age. We all know about the twitter #WomenAgainstFeminism.  They claim that they weren’t against equality as long as it didn’t disrupt their traditional views about it!! They say that they don’t need feminism because “because I like to shave my legs and wear a supportive bra”!!! I. AM. HORRIFIED.

Why separate ‘Feminism’ and ‘Femininity’? Can’t a pretty woman in a pretty pink dress chewing her pretty pink bubblegum be a feminist? Isn’t feminism all about respecting everyone’s choices – whatever they might be?

When will people understand that it’s traditional values and our unjustifiable love for them which got us into this mess in the first place. We won’t be able to make much progress if we only accept certain aspects of our fight for equality – the ones which are directly beneficial to us – and just throw away the rest just because they do not match our prejudices which were shoehorned into our minds by that ‘traditional society’ in the first place.

Equality ~ Boobs and Balls (it’s just gotta be this way)

“How can you expect men and women to be treated equally in all respects? The former’s got a pair of testicles hanging above his thigh and the latter sports an in built baby carrier. Men are naturally stronger – both, physically and mentally whereas women are of a naturally timid and weak constitution. This whole equality thing is crazy..”

Yes, this is an excerpt from an actual conversation. Huh. Can you believe it? My own family says it’s ridiculous to demand equality in everything. But I am here to ask you, who brought tits and balls into the question? You did. And now that you have I am just going to go ahead and say this –

if you can be aware of your nipple-show from your see through shirt and not care about it, then so can we. Big deal if ours are a bit protruded than yours, eh?

Oh and you know what, we don’t make that big a deal about our vaginas so you stop ranking your penises on number 1, please. It’s a tube, for fuck’s sake (pun intended) Get. Over. It.



The Chaotic Society

Women and LGBT community has been writing their way out of powerlessness, speaking their way out of opposition and debating their way out of oppression since forever. It’s been decades and decades and decades and still, we are considered the chief reason why the whole world is an uproar. We are accused of having introduced ‘new ideas’ which are screwing young minds over and urging them to oppose and disrupt the ill-constructed foundations of our society..

Well, excuse me, but these ideas were always there. We just gave people the  encouragement to not be afraid to be proud of their uniqueness or be afraid to stand up for themselves.


Not every man gets his wish either.

Don’t consider me one who is insensitive of the consequences that men have to face due to all this. They are expected to behave in a ‘manly’ manner and are taught never to be vulnerable, never to show their emotions and what they are feeling. Kinda like the Unsullied. This is what gives them a false impression of a superiority over everyone else since almost everyone else, especially, women indulge in such ‘failings’ often. And that superiority demands a control over others. Which in turn screws them and the subject over for the painfully obvious reasons.
No one should be expected to do things just because they are of a certain sex! That’s madness!

Which leads me to my next point……….



“We intimidate men too much.”

This was Annie Lennox’s statement on Feminism not very long ago. This is certainly not the whole of it which you can read here.

Well, all those decades of oppression and intimidation that we endured and yet, just five years into our fight for equality and we are already worried about THAT?!

Yeah, I know how sometimes people, especially those who have not fully grasped the essence of feminism, can behave a bit irresponsibly and can certainly be a handful BUT let’s not forget that this is just because finally, after soooo many years, we have been given a LEGAL platform to vent and give the oppressing parties a taste of their own medicine! And seriously though,

You started the trend all those decades back. Would it be really THAT bad if we took some time to return the favor?



Screw your anonymity

One thing that’s been bothering me ever since all this started is how some people who, although are suffering the consequences of an unequal world, shy away from speaking about it in front of everyone because it will make their issue and voice public and oh, how bad it’ll be! (oe that’s what they think)  Well, to you hons I say, screw it! Screw it all! Others are fighting for your rights, for your convenience. You gotta take a stand too. Don’t be neutral. It won’t do you any good. This is an age where you are either against something or for it. Please don’t deceive yourself by flattering yourself on your lukewarm disposition. Just. Don’t.

Homophobes, listen to me.

We feminists are nice. We are good human beings. And since we don’t go around bashing people about their arachnophobia, we won’t criticize you about yours. BUT (no, no, I am not done yet), we also don’t expect the spiders to turn into butterflies JUST because WE have decided that those things are freaky. And if we did, it’d just be a bloody good demonstration of our sick, stupid mind!!  Criticising nature on the grounds of our ‘likeability’? Not so good, I’m telling ya!
And to all the feminists who have the same ‘phobia’ – If you truly believe in equal rights, then you cannot be selective about who reaps the benefits. You’ve got to hand it over to EVERY human being alive on this planet – regardless of their sexual orientation.

‘You cook.’  ‘You earn.’ and ‘YOU, sir, go to hell. My god doesn’t accept you.’

Come on, now! You know which is which. Don’t lie! And this is my last point. Attributing roles to genders is soooo old fashioned, I mean, COME OON!!
If a woman doesn’t want to stay at home and demands her husband helps her in the house, what the hell is wrong with that? The same way, if a man wants to take take on the role of a homemaker while his wife is happy with being the bread earner, is that bad? If a man wants to marry a man or a woman a woman, what’s the big deal here? There are worse things than that like – the internet explorer, voldemort, half-chipped nail paint.. Open your eyes to the wider world people. Turn your attentions to the real issues and let people decide what is good for them in every aspect of their life. Give your opinion only when asked to.


In the end, it all boils down to one question, are we or are we not capable of being human? As humans, can’t we just live the way we want to and let others live the way they want? Will that be SO bad?

We need Feminism, guys. We need it because no one should feel like an outsider JUST because they do things a different way or like things that their sex, in general, despises.

And if it’s the ‘traditional values’ that you are concerned with, well, I can just tell you one thing – those values ARE going to change and it will not be soo different, I am telling you. We need to let go of the good old days because we are striving to create better ones that won’t be exclusive to certain sections or genders in society.



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