The art of baring your heart to anyone and everyone who’ll listen is both a blessing and a curse. You run the risk of ridicule, misunderstanding, and sadness but the RELEASE that comes with it FAAAR outweighs any of these fears. I have wondered, night after night, how to carry the recurring floods of jarring emotions with an ease but that is a technique not even the masters have mastered. I need a source who’ll listen to me and won’t judge, who is at my constant disposal and fills my soul with the same mystery that penetrates it’s every atom.


Untitled design (15)

In all the things I have made this heavenly eye my confidante, I have not had to suffer any of the doubts once. That is the kind of comfort I find in it. I talk and talk and talk  in the unwavering confidence that that attentive ear is always listening all that I have to say and keeping it safe for whenever I need those memories back.

So, M O O N D U S T is a collection of all those emotions and memories and imaginings that I can spare, all those incoherent thoughts and momentary flutterings that pass my mind like a dragon on a leash – VIOLENT but FLEETING. 
laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object

♥ L O V E


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