The Withering is about celebrating the slow and gradual burning out of passions and (hopefully) being able to deny, through a succession of days and a persistence of effort, the truth of the above statement.

My passions are common with so many of my fellow humans – singing, drawing, travelling, reading. But most of all, I am passionate about finding answers to life’s great and small questions and investigating the truth behind everything that’s been and is being said. And one of the most popular beliefs is that everything dies. Death takes it all. But I don’t know that. Does it? Everything? They say passion eventually burns out. Really?

I have always had a very unusual love-hate relationship with everything I come in contact with. I obsess over things and simultaneously hate my obsession for it. Consequently, I have felt tangled for far too long. For so long I haven’t been able to decide on anything. And I am sure that I am not the only one. You guys feel me too. So, through the medium of this blog, I will share my passions, my experiences, my opinions on opinions and thus, help you and myself in getting a step closer to what life really is about. I set out to expose these passions and to see if my passions and my dreams will survive the harshness of limited time and the busy nothings of life or will they ‘wither away’? 

Here you’ll find books and their reviews. You’ll see me travelling, sometimes to the next block, sometimes to the next country. You’ll read my essays which may not be the best but will be honest. You’ll find each of those things which make us feel even a little bit balanced, a little bit at home, a little bit sane and which makes our life beautiful even if it’s only for an hour of walking or just the first ten pages of Pride and Prejudice.

Now that you’re here, I hope you’ll stay. I hope you’ll bear with me my uncertain efforts at trying to organize my life and desires and helping you find yours.

Just call me RAIN ♥♥

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