[A WRITER’S LIFE] The Fickle Muse //Tips + Tricks To Keep Her Happy and Generous//

Eyes closed. Shut, more like – focusing on the dark insides of my mind. “Help me, please”, I shout. But a burst of shrill laughter is all the response I get

On the verge of tears – I beg her TO JUST FUCKING GIVE ME AN IDEA – ANY IDEA WILL DOO! 

It’s really very difficult to please THE MUSE, isn’t it? I mean, you never know when she’ll start acting off and leave you in the lurch with no clues and a bullet to put in your brain should you be defeated before she graces you with her presence again!


But fear not! Although she loves to play a mean game of hide & seek, I am going to tell you some of her most BASIC TRAITS so that you can catch her before she runs away without giving anything in return for all those hours of frustration! 

🌸3:00 AM

That is her favorite time. You might suddenly wake up – feeling groggy, afraid, or even confused – with a hint of an idea in your head, just roaming around like a fly just about to die. 

YOU GOTTA CATCH IT BEFORE IT DROPS, THOUGH! I am serious, catch it in it’s flight because otherwise you may risk losing it forever.


Get up, no matter how much you might loathe doing so, and WRITE IT DOWN. Yes, don’t you make the mistake of “keeping it stored in your memory till the morning.” Because the muse is moody. There have been cases where she came back and stole the ideas from the mind of the writer, JUST BECAUSE HE DIDN’T WRITE THEM DOWN ASAP.

Scary, isn’t she? Well, she is the only goddess we poor writers get so we have to play by her rules, no matter what. 


One of the things that she likes to do the most is troubling you when you are busy. She might come in to surprise you with a fantastic idea for your post, say, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF DOING THE DISHES.

Imagine having to walk to your room ALL THE WAY FROM KITCHEN – with soapy water dripping off your hands – putting your work on hold, JUST TO WRITE THE IDEA IN YOUR PHONE! 


But it’s necessary as well because if you wait until AFTER you are done with the dishes, you may not be able to remember it again – EVER – and may die of guilt! So, yeah, keep in mind that she WILL disturb you when you are busy so KEEP A NOTEPAD WITH YOU AT ALL COSTS.

Doing this just might save your writing life by helping you build a gold-mine of ideas to pick from WHENEVER YOU WANT! 


When you start getting hooked on her fantastic ideas – flowing in so effortlessly, granted that she’s in a good mood – you never go back to brainstorming and other lame practices! YOU JUST FEED HER EGO AND SATIATE HER PRIDE WITH CONSTANT AND EFFUSIVE WORDS OF PRAISE.

But, let’s say you get inspired by someone else – a friend, a relative, your dog – whoever! And you decide to work on THAT idea BEFORE working on the muse’s, SHE WILL BREAK UP WITH YOU. SHE WILL RUN AWAY – and not alone, mind you. She will take with her every single idea she has ever graced upon your monkey mind!

WHAT WILL YOU DO THEN? Because your friends and other scarce sources of inspiration cannot possibly save you EVERY TIME, can they?


🌸Demands Sacrifice

In the earlier times, The Muse used to demand severe payment from the writers – their favorite pair of socks, pages of their most beautiful books, ordering them not to shower for a week straight. Every aspiring writer was required to practice cooking her favorite meals as well, just in case she gets hungry while helping them write. She also used to appear in their dreams and interrupt their sleep just for fun, you know!


But as times have changed, so has her demands. Be warned though – that doesn’t mean they are any less difficult to follow. If anything, I think she has chosen her form of payment PERFECTLY, according to recent times.


She wants your focus – your COMPLETE ATTENTION. And your hard work. THE MINUTE SHE CATCHES YOU SLACKING, she blocks the creative flow FOR A WEEK – A MONTH – MAYBE MORE! *gasps*

DAMN! That woman really knows how to train her disciples!

Plus I TOTALLY speak from experience because she has done that with me before. And let me tell you – THOSE DAYS OF CREATIVITY BLOCKAGE ARE A TORTURE. I have endured them and I don’t wish to go through that EVER AGAIN!

So learn from my experience – GIVE YOUR PREFERRED ART YOUR COMPLETE FOCUS – or else you might have to pay bitterly. *sobs*

As you must have understood by now, THE MUSE is very difficult to please – always running about, always teasing you with ideas, and then taking them away. But, I hope with these tips, you’ll be better able to predict her next move and be better prepared when she comes next!

I am curious though, do you have any personal experiences that you’d like to share? Some irritating moments while writing – because THAT WAS HER TO BE SURE!
Let me knowww in the comments.

Until next time,

[A BLOGGER’S LIFE] What does it take to be a better blogger? //E V E R Y T H I N G//

There are thousands of blogs out there. Thousands of people doing EXACTLY what you are doing. Punching words, copy-pasting pics, hitting publish. JUST THAT. But for some reason, their blogs are doing better than yours. WAYYYY BETTER.


I have been thinking about it a lot lately. Observing other blogs. The behaviors of the minds behind them. All the best ones that I have come across till now have some things in common. WHAT ARE THEY?

It’s not like they have cosmic powers or anything like that! OR DOOOO THEYYY??? *gasps*


laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object


I started this blog in 2017. In September, to be precise. I was having so much fun meeting new people, making friends, sharing my opinions. But due to some reason I had to take a year off (as some of you already know).

Looking back at that time, if I am being honest, I didn’t really need to take a complete break. I realize now that even during that year, I had more than enough time to keep posting once or twice a week. But I sought the easy way out and shut my blog off completely.

I ask myself today, WAS THAT A GOOD MOVE? Needless to say, it wasn’t.


Had I stayed consistent even when it got a bit difficult, had I stayed the course and tried a bit harder, I would be in a better place than I am now.

laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object


Now, I know some of you who have read my last post might think I am being a bit contrary here but I am not. Just hear me out.

Of course, the first and foremost rule of blogging is to do it for fun, to take pleasure in it.

But, in my experience, there comes a phase every once in a while when even the things you REALLY love lose their charm.

And when that happens, there are two courses of action before you:

•  You can either just go to the extreme and decide that maybe it wasn’t for you.

•  Or you can keep doing it for a little while more, hoping that it’ll pass (although you might have to work twice as hard for it.)

The first one is a very defeatist approach. You must never throw in the towel at the first hints of a struggle. Really, if anyone of you is a runner here then you know how fucking hard those first couple of miles are! But once your body adjusts to this new activity, it feels like you are flying, your lungs are on fire and you feel like you could just keep running till the end of your days!


Yes, that’s it. That rule applies to everything in life, including blogging.

Push through the proverbial pain. It WILL get better. And before you know it, you will be doing your best! And that’s all that REALLY counts, isn’t it?

So please, don’t fall down just yet. Hold it, for a little bit longer.

laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object


Do you have any idea how absolutely rude it is for you to just leave all the comments unliked and unreplied? (is that a word?)

Reading a post and then leaving a thoughtful comment TAKES TIME. And if your lovely readers can take precious time out of their schedules to comment on your posts, the LEAST you can do is fucking reply! I am sorry but I feel really strongly about this one.


And hey, I totally understand that commenting back feels like a full-time job sometimes.

So what?

Blogging is not ALL FUN AND GAMES. It takes ACTUAL WORK (as you already know) And who’s asking you to comment back immediately anyway? Set a day aside and engage with all the comments on your posts on then. Readers are not easily offended. If you apologize for taking a bit of time to reply, they will understand. But they WILL get pissed off when weeks go by, you have put more posts out there and still, their thoughts go unacknowledged.

The best bloggers out there always take this rule to heart. They may be late in replying sometimes but they NEVER forget it.

That said, while I was on my unannounced hiatus, some totally awesome people commented on my posts but since I was away, I didn’t know about it and I just discovered that I had unapproved ones and I FEELL SOO FUCKING GUILTY NOW! So yeah AGAIN learn from all the messed up examples (a k a ME) before you and DONT COMMIT SUCH BLOGGING SINS.

laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object


Believe it or not, it’s always friends who will give you the acknowledgment you deserve and desire.

Every blog has those readers who like/comment on a couple of posts and then don’t come back for an eternity! 🤣🤣 And hey, that’s fine! They have their charm too.

But it’s only those who you have really connected to and made friends with who will always encourage you on every single one of your posts.

They will like them, comment on them, give you shout outs. ALL of these things are very important in the blogging community. And if you are thinking that you can survive without them, then you are so fucking wrong. Because without people reading what you write, you may as well stop blogging and go write in a fucking notebook.

But if you want genuine appreciation and support, then you better climb off that high horse and start being nice to people.



laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object


When you visit a blog, like the posts, comment on them, the blogger isn’t automatically required to reciprocate it. There is no rule that says that.

BUT the best ones out there know the value of a community enough to not just be a taker. They give back TEN TIMES the love you offer them. Whenever and however their time allows.

They know that every single one of us is struggling out here and trying our hardest and they make sure that we know how much they appreciate our support. That’s a trait everyone of us should learn if we want to be loved in this community.

Listen, the ONLY way you move upwards in ANY area of life is by helping others, taking them with you.  And don’t you fear that if they get better, you might lose your place.


laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object
Do you agree? Or not? Do you have any other tips to add to the list? Let us all know in the comments! ❤️