[Update] A-Book-A-Day #Challenge //COMPLETED//

I absolutely had no hopes of actually completing it on time. My abilities shocked me! When I started this challenge last Monday, I was not feeling competitive or anything like that. I just dwelt on the satisfaction that would be mine if I actually complete this on time. And, look I DID it, Tiana. (She’s the one who gave me the idea, bless her! 🙂 You guys should check her blog out. )

And now I will break it all down for you – how I managed it and how much I panicked through the course of the week. Continue reading “[Update] A-Book-A-Day #Challenge //COMPLETED//”

A-Book-A-Day #Challenge

I read a blog post by Tiana at The Book Raven and there she talked about reading a book a day for a year and if this was actually possible. While I know this is pretty damn difficult, I was very much tempted to try it out so I have decided to do that for a week and see if I can carry it out that far. Then maybe I’ll extend it. Continue reading “A-Book-A-Day #Challenge”