Some of Mrs. Bennet’s BEST moments

”A woman of mean understanding, little information, and uncertain temper.”

I was re-reading ‘Pride and Prejudice’ last night and I decided to follow Mr.s Bennett’s actions and words closely and oh boy, was I stupid in making that decision! She NEVER stops idiot-ing. ;p And I know I can never even hope to include all her delightful stupidities in one post, I will list some of the *very* early ones. So, happy reminiscing, Janeites. 🙂 Continue reading “Some of Mrs. Bennet’s BEST moments”

Fear and Loathing outside the window: What social-anxiety is really like.

Social anxiety is the ‘thing’ these days. Oh, how many posts, conversations I have witnessed where people just call themselves that like it’s no big deal. That, my friend, is a violation of the characteristic. Oh, no no. We can’t have that. So, allow me to share with you what it really means to be a socially awkward person with nerves that NEVER calm down! Let’s keep the distinction alive.

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