Okay, I get it already! I know this LATE and not what you guys had in mind when you read the first part of this post but HEYY, I DID TELL YOU THAT IT WAS GOING TO BE LIKE THIS!

ANYWAYY…. I am very sorry for the delay but with everything going on, I completely forgot! Please forgive me and let’s start with my ramblings, shall we?





[Thinking Out Loud] I should’ve read this earlier //REGRETS + RECTIFICATION// |Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

I have a confession to make. This is something that I am very much ashamed of and have never told anyone but surely you guys will understand, right?
Yes. Yes. Yes, you will and in that honest confidence I am going to tell you that I have read ‘Northanger Abbey’ only one time. JUST ONCE!!!! UUgghhh….this is soooo embarrassing. I mean, I have read everything by our lovely Jane and I adore EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER WORKS but I just don’t know why I haven’t read Northanger Abbey more than once? How could I be  soo unfaithful? Continue reading “[Thinking Out Loud] I should’ve read this earlier //REGRETS + RECTIFICATION// |Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen”

How long will it take for you to pick this one up? | Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Ask any Jane Austen fan what their favourite book by the author is and you are most likely to get answers like Pride and Prejudice  Emma and in some rare cases Northanger Abbey. Seldom will you hear them say Mansfield Park. This delightful novel is soo underappreciated that it’s almost comic! You dislike Fanny’s life journey because she isn’t as witty as Elizabeth or her life isn’t as eventful as Emma’s? Yes, Fanny is shy and timid and is naturally awkward and who would not be, having been thrown into a whole new world, such as she had never had the opportunity to dwell in before. What do you expect from such a girl? Continue reading “How long will it take for you to pick this one up? | Mansfield Park by Jane Austen”

Some of Mrs. Bennet’s BEST moments

”A woman of mean understanding, little information, and uncertain temper.”

I was re-reading ‘Pride and Prejudice’ last night and I decided to follow Mr.s Bennett’s actions and words closely and oh boy, was I stupid in making that decision! She NEVER stops idiot-ing. ;p And I know I can never even hope to include all her delightful stupidities in one post, I will list some of the *very* early ones. So, happy reminiscing, Janeites. 🙂 Continue reading “Some of Mrs. Bennet’s BEST moments”

This month’s obsession – Jane Austen

Hey, soooo…………………..huh…………………………I just realized that I obsess over particular writers and/or books on a bi-weekly or monthly basis and now that I come to think about it, I can easily share it with you guys too. 🙂

For this month, I will start with my LOVE, Jane Austen! 🙂 🙂 And there will be two+ posts each week about her works and my thoughts on them, in detail. This is something I do all the time but this is the first time I will be actually writing it all down. I hope it’s fun.

Cheers *clink*