[A WRITER’S LIFE] 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Writing

Writing is the purest form of expression.
You bleed your heart out on the paper, hoping it would turn into something remotely worth reading. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. 

But that’s not the point.

Writing words is easy. But writing something that makes someone want to spend their time on? Well, THAT’S the tricky part.

And its this fact that trumped me up in the beginning of my journey. A few words in and I would start overthinking it. And eventually, I would give up – for days, weeks, months on end. I failed to realize that this was a process and I couldn’t possibly hope to write a masterpiece every time I put up my pen, or punched the keyboard into oblivion. *shrugs*

And now that I look back, I wish I’d known the following things before I started writing:

Refrain From Judgement

It’s one of the easiest thing to start judging your own writing, especially in the beginning.

You are so consumed with the idea of writing a brilliant piece that you cannot wait to edit and re-edit it until it turns into the next viral post or the next best selling book.

But the reality is that it doesn’t happen that easy. It doesn’t happen overnight. And it CERTAINLY does NOT happen with a few weeks even months of practice.

This realization – although a bit painful at first – puts you in the attitude of learning, one that allows for creativity to flow unobstructed. AND THAT’S WHAT YOU SHOULD FOCUS ON IN THE BEGINNING ANYWAY. 

Don’t Get All High and Mighty

This is another trap that beginners can very easily fall into. They overestimate their writing to the extent of closing their minds to suggestions which ultimately results in their undoing, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s because of their unwillingness to see room for improvement in their writing that it never grows, never flourishes into something worth reading.


I have seen it happen with my friends who have recently taken up writing as a hobby. And every time they write something half-decent, in their minds they are suddenly the great-great-great grandson of Shakespeare, which is really fucking annoying to see, NOT GONNA LIE! 

There is ALWAYS room for improvement. Hell, even Tolkien’s writing could’ve improved with time. How many more masterpieces would he have spouted THEN! 


When you read all those already established writers – writing in a set style that’s gotten them loads of success, you see it as a roadmap for YOUR success as well. You think that what worked for THEM will work for YOU as well. 


Understand that the ONLY reason other writers are successful and at the level that they are today is BECAUSE THEY LET THEIR INNER SELVES SHINE THROUGH THEIR WORDS. 


They speak from their heart.
They write from their soul.
And it’s reflected in their work.
Can’t you see that? 

HUNDREDS of books are published every day and yet only a fraction of them manage to make a reader FEEL something; make them go mad for the characters! WHY IS THAT?

BECAUSE while MOST of those authors write solely for one time sale, one time read purposes, a precious few write to leave a lasting impression on the reader’s heart. They want to create something that the reader would want to revisit, again and again, and again. And THAT’S WHERE THEIR STRENGTH LIES.

Write from your heart, and watch magic happen RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

With a dream of becoming a great writer comes great responsibility – of practicing the art, every single day. 

If you want to be better at something, you have to REALLY work at it. Put in REAL effort. Make time for it. And say no to any excuses that might seek to hinder your progress.

I’ll give you a personal example. When I was in 4th standard, my best friend once got bitterly humiliated by our class teacher. Why? Because her handwriting sucked. Yes. It sucked more than Mr. Darcy sucked at his proposal to Lizzie, and THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING! 

She cried and cried – THE WHOLE FUCKING DAY. Nothing I did was cheering her up. It seemed that the fact that she had been found wanting in some aspect was really bothering her. And she wanted to do something about it. That VERY day, I decided to help her better her handwriting, since I was pretty good with my cursive, not that I am bragging. 🤣


We worked every day – in every single free period – on her letters. Slowly, they started to improve. And by the next semester, she was writing even more beautifully than me! The SAME teacher who had humiliated her was now using her handwriting as an inspiration for other students of our class.

You see, she CARED for her the fact her handwriting needed improvement. And so, she worked at it. Every single day.

Would her life have turned out worse if she hadn’t improved it? Not necessarily. But it’s all about what you care for – and it can be the most insignificant thing! It doesn’t matter. 

If it bothers you then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

If you want your writing to get better and better every single day, WORK AT IT, EVERY SINGLE DAY. And if you don’t, then you simply don’t care about improving it THAT MUCH. 

Remember to Enjoy the process 

We all crave for the end as if that’s the ONLY thing left in the world! What we fail to realize is that the fun is in the journey; the learning is in the journey; the experience is in the journey; the joy is in the journey. 

It’s a rule of thumb – if you forget to appreciate HOW you get there, you won’t appreciate it WHEN you arrive there either. Because the “end” – the achievement of your goal – will only last for a few moments but the journey? It’ll change you – for the better – if you’ll allow it to.

I spent MANY days and nights loathing the process and craving the result. But I couldn’t just skip that part, could I? And getting irritated with it was only going to make it THAT MUCH HARDER. So I decided to just – Write Everyday. And enjoy what I write!


So guys, don’t forget to have fun while you are in the process because believe me, you are going to miss these moments later on. It’s true that we never really realize the value of a moment once it’s lost but we can for sure try to, can’t we – try to enjoy the present, detaching ourselves from the outcome, and just having fun with it? 😉


These are the things that had I known and REALIZED in the beginning, I would have spared myself A LOT of frustration and anxiety. And now I hope that these points will help someone on their journey as well. 🙂 ❤

AND NOW I wanna hear YOUR tips and tricks as well. 😉 What advice would you give to your younger writer-self?

25 thoughts on “[A WRITER’S LIFE] 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Writing

  1. “Writing something that other people would want to read” – that’s what trips me up with the novel I have been working on for years. I worry that no one else would want to read it due to my writing. That self-conscience-ness has been my worst enemy.
    I do agree that you need to stay open and take constructive criticism as a way to improve your story/writing and not to think you are an amazing writer right from the starting line. There is a reason even the most prolific, award-winning authors thank their editors with every book they publish. ❤️

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    1. Yesss!! Its something that used to (and still sometimes) makes me feel as if whatever I am writing JUST ISN’T WORTH IT! *sigh* Quieting that judgemental voice does take a bit of practice and effort…so I totally get what you mean, Tessa!!

      EXACTLYYY!! I mean I know that some critics out there simply say things just to irritate you BUT the ones who are genuinely trying to help you recognise what’s wrong in your writing – YOU MUST LISTEN TO THEM! ITS IMPORTANT! In the beginning I used to shy away from showing anyone my work but as I overcame that fear, my writing improved as well!! 😍

      AHHH!! YESS!! EDITORS!! Can’t thank them enough!! ❤️

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  2. The hardest thing for me is editing. I never expect a masterpiece but man sometimes it’s like I can’t even make sense of what I was trying to say 🙂 I almost wonder if aliens started speaking through me or something?

    Anyway your post is right on and in the end we do it because we enjoy it and that’s what really matters!

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    1. SERIOUSLYYY!! I TOTALLY GET THAT! Editing is SUCH A PAIN! No matter how many times I go through the post, I ALWAYS find one or two mistakes AFTER publishing it! Then I have edit it and all – ITS SO ANNOYING! 😭🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

      Aww! Thank you sooo much, Gemma! I am so very glad you liked the post! 😍😍😍❤️❤️

      YESSS!! Finding enjoyment in what you do is THE MOST IMPORTANT!! 😇🦋


  3. Such a great post! (Although did you just insult Mr Darcy? 😱😂) I think the biggest tip I would give my younger self (apart from the ones you already mentioned) is to not be afraid to actually show my writing to other people. Often, I’d pour really personal things into my stories, and then I felt awkward letting people who knew me read them 😅 But their feedback has been super helpful! And more often than not, they could actually relate to what I’d written. No one ever made fun of me, instead, we bonded even more over my words. So I learned showing things to people can be helpful, not just writing-wise! 😊


    1. AWWWWWW, Erin! YOU ARE TOOO KIND!! 🥺🥺 THANK YOU SOO VERYY MUCH, hon! You have no idea how much I LOVE this comment! *hugs you*

      So, I started this blog back in 2017. That’s when I made it a regular habit to write you know. Before that I used to write but very sporadically – not enough for improvement to take place, you know? And even when I took a break from my blog in January this year, I still continued to write. SO YES – YOU GOTTA STICK WITH IT! No matter what! Make it a regular habit to write something – anything! BUT WRITE. Maybe start a journal? Where you write creative pieces? 😇Does it help?

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      1. Awwww!! 🤣🤣 WELL THEN PLEASE DOO!! You already write very engagingly – I have seen that from your posts! 😍😍😘😘 Sooo….don’t you worry. YOU ARE AWESOMMEEE AND I LOVE YOUU AND YOUR POSTS SOO MUCHHH!! 😘❤️

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    1. Awwwwww!! It makes me soooo happy that you found this post this informative and motivating! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR LIVELY COMMENTS, hon! They are the highlight of my dayyyy!! 🥺❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😇😇😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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    1. 🤣🤣🤣 I’ll tell you what – one of them is into writing “poetry” as he calls it and whenever he manages to form some half-decent rhymes, he gets all puffed about his writing skills! 🤣🤣 But since he does that only to pass his time, I don’t butt in! 🤷🏻‍♀️😉😊🤣😇

      Awwww!! Thank youu, Beck! I am soo veryy glad you liked the post!! ❤️

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    1. Okay wow! I feel sooo bad for having missed this one, among one or two others!!! You know sometimes the notifications get pushed down and I only get to know the ones I missed later when I check my previous posts – I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LATE RPELY, hon! 😦


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  4. I envy your friends’ confidence! But the truth is, you need the time to see your mistakes so the beginner’s luck is when you see yourself in the most positive light so I guess, let them have it? When they IMPROVE then the self-consciousness will settle.

    Hmm, my advice is to let yourself write badly. Because writing badly is a step ahead of not writing and you won’t improve otherwise. I still need to hear that sometimes.


  5. Great post! All these points are great advise. I find the practicing bit the hardest. I always want to be good at something on the first try and when I’m not it’s so frustrating and I give up easily. This is something I need to work on. 🙂


  6. I love what you shared here, Rain!! Some of these tips are just what I needed to hear. I have been working on my story more lately, but I need to actually push myself and implement the points you talked about! xx


  7. AAAAAAA, so well said on so many fronts!

    I actually had a teacher who, well, he wasn’t great at the other parts of teaching, but something he DID do right was that he had us write a journal entry every morning in cursive. I hated it at first, but by the end of the year I was getting compliments on it. Practicing is so, so important in writing! You won’t get better sitting and carving out the perfect sentence, but you will see improvement if you sit and work at it every day!

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    1. YESSS!! Practicing IS MUSTT! We used to get holiday homework where we had to write the same sentences over and over again!! You know those cursive handwriting practice books?! Yeah THOSE!! Ahh…I used to hate them at first but it beautified my writing soo muchh!! 😍😍😍😍


      I am sooo veryyy glad that you liked the post, Kate! Your comments always make my dayyyy!! 🥺😍❤️

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  8. Excellent advice for writers, amateur or veteran. I think it’s pretty important to be confident but not to be over-confident in our writing. It simply shines through the words and it sometimes hurts the reader by being too pushy. But practice is definitely where growth will be seen in the long run! Got to love the process too! Thanks for sharing, Rain! 😀

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    1. YESSS!! Exactly! There MUST be a balance!! 🤷🏻‍♀️😇

      PRACTICE – the best AND the worst thing in the world!! 🤣🤣🤣 Still…gotta STAY AT IT to get better at it!! 😍😇❤️

      Thank you SOO much for your awesome and thoughtful comment as always, Lashaan! I am glad you found the advice relevant!! 😇🌻🌟

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