[REVIEW] Love – with all it’s complexities and imperfections, beauty and transcendence //Our Naked Souls by Justin Wetch//

At first it read like broken sentences, not poetry. But as I made my way through, those little fragments started to make sense, started to rhyme in my heart – as a whole. Every single word written in this book is raw with the kind of love that comes with understanding, with maturity.

I fade away without your love
My colors dim and darken
I fall for you more every day
Without a hint of caution.

This gorgeous little book won’t make you swoon and pine over someone out of your reach; it will gladden your heart for the love that you already have, the kind of love that will stand with you, be your support THROUGH THICK AND THIN – no matter what! Reading such a mature and reasonable take on love – with all it’s flaws and complexities – was such a delightful experience.

And yet, with all the practicalities of the worldly love, you can still find – within the lines – the cosmic importance of it, the fact that such a pure emotion intertwines two souls in a bond that transcends time and all other bondage of this three dimensional world a love that makes you whole, while uplifting you, reinventing you in it’s lovely likenessa love that traps you together with a beautiful thread, while allowing you to roam freely wherever you will.

There is an uncomplicated magic to Justin’s words, as he romanticizes the mundanity of life – turned interesting in the presence of a deep love. 

I refuse to believe that something as perfect
As the meeting of our souls
Could have happened
By accident.

You won’t feel exhilarated while reading it. There won’t be any uncomfortable and fuzzy feeling in your heart. What you WILL feel however is gratitude – gratitude for the quiet and understanding love that you share with your lovergratitude for the simplicity of life. Gratitude for the fact that the REAL magic lies in the simplest but the most heartfelt of acts.

This book, as the poet says, will show you the art of transcendence through the simplest acts of love.

Promise me you’ll tell the truth
And not let me fall hard
If you’re not ready to fall with me.

I’ve been waiting for a girl like you.

Wrapped inside these words are also the seeds of such a passion, that when coupled with maturity and understanding, becomes the most beautiful feeling of them all. This passion will not destroy you, it will widen your horizons, deepen your soul!

These beautiful emotions flow so freely and deeply within the poet’s words that they pulsate with a life of their own – with deep sighs. It is so subtle, so very subtle, that it demands you whole attention or else you’ll miss it. And you’ll be sorry! 

These glorious words also vibrate with the impending fear of separation – one that, although can be delayed, cannot be prevented. You will find yourself feeling just a little bit gloomy, as the poet will paint a picture of the world without your lover. How will you cope? Can’t find the words? Let Wetch put them in your mouth, let him sting your heart with this bittersweet realization that all the time in the world, all the memories that you make, will never be enough – never be enough – for you will still feel the pain when you’ll say goodbye, old age will still arrive – taking a piece of your soul with it – wrapping it delicately, to wait until your time comes as well.

You will find yourself in a state of delightful longing – as you’ll make your way through these poems – longing for the sweet and comfortable embrace of your lover. You won’t wanna let go. And anyway, why would you even want to? 

This book is also about carefree journeys “up to the mountains”, with a desire to lose your being into one another – enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Isn’t that the most magical thing of all?

With fresh eyes I looked at living
She effortlessly changed my point of view
Dear god, let me forever keep loving
La fee qui rend tout jamais vu.

It’s about turning the most ordinary things into adventures – something that only love can achieve. Your heart will expand as you’ll read this – you’ll feel a comfortable stream of emotions flowing through it to illuminate your whole body – as naturally and effortlessly as the sun illuminates the sky. You will find yourself lost in the poet’s experiences, for the have been your experiences as well.

This is not about the outlandishness and grandeur of love – this is about a pure feeling that arises when you hold hands together, 

It’s about those beautiful moments that can only be found when you are not looking – in your every day – just lose yourself in the beauty that is life. It’ll teach you to be grateful for someone who understands you, is foolish with you, a bit childish with you. 

It’ll teach you how to look up at the sky – with wonder in your eyes and love in your heart – as you’ll sit on the terrace at night, holding each other’s hands, knowing that the love you bear in the depths of your beings is meant to be. Why else would the stars shine so brightly? Why else would the cosmos invite you to lose yourself in it – just like darkness loses itself into the night? It’s in these wondrous moments that you’ll realize, your own importance against the vastness of the universe – and you’ll know, you’ll know for sure that it’s because of the presence of love deep within your atoms that the world is suddenly such a happy, such a magical place to live in.

You should look at yourself
With the same wonder
With which you look at the stars;
You, my love, are a miracle.

It will also show you pain – the poet’s and your own – it will guide you through the unexpressed emotions welling inside you, eager to burst outand all will feel calm again.

The fear of losing someone you love so deeply is something that every one of us has experienced and it’s this fear that grips the heart of the poet – you will feel it in your bones as you’ll read through the sunny parts and arrive at the gloomy ones.

To the idea 
Of love,
We were like seeds
Which sat in the rain
Expecting to grow
But withering away,
Forgetting the value
Of soil and rain.

The hurt that follows a heartbreak is unbearable and yet, through it emerges a renewed soul, a stronger heart and a desire to love again this time a bit more cautiously but a bit more passionately as well. You may lose the person but the memories remain – a warm reminder of the moments you shared; there is no time to lose and so you give live your all – you take a chance despite everything. That’s how you create something beautiful out of nothing, a phoenix rising out of ashes willing you to live again, to burn again – that’s the beauty of love, you are happy in it’s presence, you are wiser as it leaves – no harm done. In the end, it was all a lesson. 

Our Naked Souls is also about taking pride in what you have, what you meant to each other – never losing the sight of what’s important. Love is all about complacency and the poet is here to teach it to you in the most beautifully simple way possible.

Love is remembering what you have” and then reveling in that remembrance, 

It teaches you the art of a steadiness and passion – urging you to not burn out, but rather burn with each other, keeping yourselves aflame, with the feelings that flow in your body – so pure, so alive, so powerful.

So, dear reader, let the words flow through you and settle in your heart. 
Let the poet teach you how to turn your whole life into art.

20 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Love – with all it’s complexities and imperfections, beauty and transcendence //Our Naked Souls by Justin Wetch//

    1. YOU GUYS! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I am so very glad you liked the reviewww!! AND YESS! THEY ARE AWESOME RIGHT?! Please read the book too! Its available on Netgalley AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL! 😍😍 Might take a bit of getting used to in the beginning but then it just FLOWWWWSS!! ❤️❤️❤️🌸


    1. AWWWWWWWW!! HUSH! YOU ARE SUCH A DOLL!! Always leaving heartwarming comments! 🥺🥺😭 THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Em! I am so very glad you liked it! ALSO PLEASEEEE READ IT HON! ASAP! Its on Netgalley! PWEASEEEEEE

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    1. Thank you SOO much Kate! I am so glad you liked the review! AND I AGREE…I SURPRISED MYSELF WITH THE GIFS TOO! THEY ARE AWESOME…I dont know how I found them.but I did and I am going over use them YOU WILL SEEE.. 🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

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    1. Yes. It IS! Of course the poet talks about heartbreak and all of that too but mostly uts about being grateful for all those lovely people in our live with whom even the simple moments turn into magical ones! 🤩🤩🥰😍

      Thank you sooo much, Lindsey, for your beautiful and thoughtful comment!! 😍😍🤩😘😘


    1. Awwwwww….THIS IS THE BEST COMMENT EVER!! Thank you SOO much hon! I am soo very glad you liked the post…😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘 AND YESS..PLEASEE READ IT! Its on Netgalley..AND LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS YOU DO! I WOULD LOVE TO TALK WITH YOU ABOUT IT! 😍😍😍😍


  1. Beautiful review as always 💛! You always share such wonderful stories that I’ve never heard of! I really like the idea of “turning the most ordinary things into adventures” 🥺💖!

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    1. IT MAKES ME SOOO HAPPY THAT YOU LIKED IT, Belle! 😍😍😍😍 IT IS SUCH AN AWESOME COLLECTION OF POETRY! I am sure you are gonna love it! ❤️😇🌸


  2. Wow! Those final two lines of this review! You were on fiiiiiire!!! 😛 For some reason, I can’t help but see why poetry collections fit so well with your personality. It’s like a match made in heaven hahaha I’m glad to read how engaged this one made you feel. Awesome review as always, Rain! 😉

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    1. AWWWW!! reallyy?! THANK YOU SOOO VERYY MUCHH Lashaan! I actually surprised myself as I was writing this one!! But then, it again as the book’s influence for sure! 😍😍❤️❤️

      Hahah! I can’t say I disagree!! Keats and Shakespeare’s sonnets got me into poetry and I just…love it too much! My Oxford Book of English Verse is MY MOST PRIZED POSSESSION!! 😍😍😍 I used to write some of my own poetry (not very good though) and put it in between those pages! Sometimes I cringe when I read them now though 🤣🤣

      Are you interested in poetry though? 😍🦋

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      1. I used to hate poetry as a kid. I couldn’t write them (and probably still can’t), but in the past years of blogging, I’ve grown to appreciate them more. I think my countless years of listening to rap helped me appreciate it more too and to understand that poetry is a unique experience, everyone lives it differently. 😀

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      2. Ohh?! You like rap? That’s awesomeee!! (I am not a fan but I don’t mind it, really. 😇❤️)

        YESS! Poetry is an experience – unique for everyone! 😍😍😍

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