[A BLOGGER’S LIFE] The Mayfly Effect //Surviving the After-Effects of a Viral Post//

You are sitting behind your computer screen, practically jamming the keysnot stopping for food or drink. NO. ALL THAT’S JUST SUPERFICIAL STUFF. You have FINALLY found your muse and YOU GUYS ARE CLICKING TOGETHER.


You are in LOVE – with everything. Ideas seem to flow off your mind and onto the paper like water. You will NOT be stopped. YOU ARE THE KIND OF THE WORLD. YOU CAN CONQUER ANYTHING. This is the moment you have been waiting for. Your heart is bubbling with excitement. With each word you type, your confidence grows tenfold. It keeps on growing and growing and growing until it EXPLODES. 

You hit publish.

For the first time in your writing life, you feel confidentACTUALLY FUCKING CONFIDENT about your skills. You just know, deep in your heart, that people are going to adore your post. And so you sit back, relax, and watch notifications pop up on the screen every five minutes people are liking it, commenting on it, sharing it. YOUR BABY IS FAMOUS. OH SO FAMOUS. 

You hadn’t tasted success before this moment but now that you have, it feels like the most natural thing in the world, doesn’t it? The fame, the glory – ALL OF IT. It feels like you were born to this, like you are a natural. And let’s face it, you ARE! You are PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME! And the obvious popularity of your written word is proof of it. 

So, for the next 24 hours, you receive hundreds of compliments saying how absolutely talented you are and how they love the way you write. YOU ARE AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD AND YOU LIKE IT HERE. You don’t wanna leave. E V E R.

You go to bed feeling all giddy, entertaining hopes of an even more exciting tomorrow. Your dreams – full of contentment. You are finally where you’d always dreamt of being. YOU ARE HAPPY. And so you should be.


But the following day brings with it a promise of disappointment. No notifications now. If your phone chimes, it’s because your mumma wants to know whether you are still coming home for Sunday dinner, not because people are raving about your gorgeous writing skills. 

Your long-face and saddened eyes display every step of the breaking of your heart. You don’t understand how this could happen. Everything was going great yesterday, wasn’t it? People were in love with what you wrote and that gave you hope that MAYBE now they’ll discover your other writings too, that they’ll come to know how prolific you actually are and then THEY’LL NEVER WANNA LEAVE YOUBut they did, didn’t they? They liked what you wrote in a moment of utmost creativity and they moved on.

Ain’t nobody’s got time for your previous writing and stuff!! PFTTT!!

But you take it wayyy too seriously and now all your focus is on feeling that way again – THE STARDOM, THE IMPORTANCE!! You will go to harrow hell to bring that feeling home again. It’s become your drug now. YOUR OBSESSION. And you think that forcing yourself to write something EXACTLY the same way that got you in the spotlight is the way to do that.

But creativity doesn’t work that way. You used to know that when your mind was a humble being but it’s gotten too big for its own good in the last 24 hours and now it won’t listen to ANYTHING but it’s own ego.

And it doesn’t!

Now, you are stuck in a rutnot being able to create ANYTHING because now you have this idea of how your posts are supposed to be INSTEAD OF LISTENING TO WHAT YOUR HEART IS TELLING YOU. 

That’s where it all goes downhill from, guys!

Going viral is all well and good and SO MUCH FUN but it creates totally unrealistic expectations in your mind – such that it’s not yet able to fulfill, and ESPECIALLY NOT IN THE STATE OF SO MUCH PRESSURE! And that’s the cue for creativity to go AWOL on you.

You must understand that although it was fun while it lasted, you need to focus on being yourself ALL THE TIME if you are to have a shot at being a most loved writer in the blogosphere. Know that your readers don’t want their minds blown away every single time you post something, they just want constancya steady stream of content to chew on. As long as you are doing that, IT IS ALL GOING TO BE JUST FINE, ALRIGHT?


BE YOURSELF GUYS, EVEN IN THE FACE OF ALL THE STARDOMthat’s what’s going to set you apart and bring you the audience of your dreams.

laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object

This has been my personal experience, you know! When my first ever post got MORE VIEWS AND COMMENTS THAN I’D EVER IMAGINED POSSIBLE, I went CRAAZZZYYY!!!

And I shouldn’t have. It’s all about the moment and as long as you enjoy what you are creating and doing all that you do with passion, people are going to adore it, no matter what!

Have you experienced this before?

47 thoughts on “[A BLOGGER’S LIFE] The Mayfly Effect //Surviving the After-Effects of a Viral Post//

    1. YESSS!! That kinda attitude always wins and stops blogging (or anything in general) from sucking the life out of you!😅😂😂 THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR YOUR AFFIRMING COMMENT, Candyce! 💕❤️

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  1. What goes up comes one day down. It’s a law of nature, but a continuously positive input keeps the line of the overall curve climbing. In economy, it’s called it the Black-Scholes model. When you keep up your actual growth rate, you’ll reach a 1,000 followers in about 4 or 5 months. But remember, it’s fun till it’s no fun anymore and becomes a job.

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    1. YESS!! EXACTLYYY!! 😍❤️ As long as you are constant and keep doing what you are doing with passion, your graph will only go up! ❤️

      Yeah…but hey, every once in a while there comes a phase when you just gotta go through it – even if it frustrated the hell out of you – yeah? But I agree, it all goes downhill when you start doing it for reasons other than just having fun with it. 💕


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    1. Thank you SOOO much, Jaymi! 😍❤️ I am glad you liked it!🌟💕 Ohh! Well, thats the thing isn’t it? As long as we keep chasing that particular number, it’s going to impair the flow of our creativity a little bit! 😕

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    1. Yess!!! Whatever you do, there has to be at least a little bit excitement surrounding it (even if its hidden under thick layers of tiredness and frustration 🤣🤣) That makes things a whole lot easier! 😍❤️💕💕

      Thank you soo much for your awesome and thoughtful comment, as always, Emer! ❤️🌟🦋

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  2. Aww this was another fantastic post. You write with such enthusiasm and feeling which really makes your posts stand out ❤️ I cant really relate to the feeling of having a post go viral but this definitely captures what I’d imagine it would be like.

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  3. Praise is definitely a heady experience but I think after time it becomes more about doing what you love in the way you want to do it. Writing is sooooo subjective – some things hit and other things miss but in the end, are you happy with what you wrote. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. IT ISS! And yes, after that initial shock, you start to care less and leas about stats and all, because all you want to do is enjoy the process! But it definitely comes through experience! And this is something relatively new bloggers have to face at some point or another! J know I did and it was not a pleasant experience. 😅😅🤣😭😭


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  4. Awesome post RAIN!! SOOO EMOTIVE AND PASSIONATE AS USUALL!!! I agree it can definitely have adverse effects but after all, as you say, we do it for ourselves to share our passion and hopefully that is enough to maintain positivity!! Definitely AN AMAZING POST RAIN – Great end message of just be yourself and love what you do!!! <3<3<3<3

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    1. YESSS!! As long as we enjoy what we are doing, and don’t let the popularity get to our heads, EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST FINE! 😍😍😍❤️❤️


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  5. hahahaa you’re the best!!! this post is so funny. i haven’t really had a viral blog post, but i’ve had a few goodreads reviews hit it really big and after that happens i’m always like…why can’t that happen with all of them????? such a tragedy 😛

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    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 *takes a bow* I am glad I could amuse you! 🤣🤣😉😉❤️
      OHH?! Thats awesome because I am like a lowly insect on Goodreads, no one notices my reviews there! 🤣🤣🤣

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  6. What’s funny for me is that some of the posts that I didn’t think much of end up getting a lot more attention!! But I definitely know this feeling, and there’s nothing like getting a response that you feel a post deserved. Having to come back from that kind of “success” can be tough, but I couldn’t agree more that so long as you are putting out content where it is evident you have a passion, your audience will love that and come back for more. Also, side note, I adore your writing voice. There’s nothing else like it, and I am always so entertained when reading your posts 😉 ❤

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    1. YESSS!! THAT TOO! Oh my god its soo weird isnt it?! And you know what, there was a time when I used to DELIBERATELY think that the post I just wrote was a big pile of potatoes JUST BECAUSE IT USED TO GO SO WELL WHEN I THOUGH THE POST WASNT WORTH IT OR SOMETHING! 🤣🤣🤣

      It really is but yeah, you just have to remember that it’s your passion that glows up your written word and as long as your heart is into what you are doing, people are doing to love it! 😍❤️

      AWWW!! OH MY GOD THANK YOU SOO SOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHH, Macey! I am sooo glad you think like that! 😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺 YOUR COMMENT JUST MADE ME DAYYYYY!! 😍❤️❤️😭😭 You are sooo sweet THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCHHHHH!! 💕💕🌟

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    1. 🤣Oh I can definitely relate to that! I feel like that myself!! But I have to say that you have NOTHING to worry about! YOUR POSTS ARE ALWAYS AMAZING AND I LOVE READING THEM! 😘😘😘❤️❤️


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  7. I’m a new tiny blogger so going viral is still wayyy ahead of me but I know the feeling of comparing the stats and wondering ‘why this post is gaining traffic but then the others aren’t??’ and trying to boost it in vain… I guess popularity is a weird mix of your input + 3x hitting the current niche + 5x luck + 10x temporary and there’s not much we can do about it but enjoy the ride! 😀 ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HONEY, judging by your awesome content, I am sure it’s going to happen REAL soon! 😍😍😘😘😘😉😉😉

      But yeah, you are right, that feeing really gets you! AND I COMPLETELY AGREEEE, it depends on a lot of factors and so everything needs to be focused on! ❤️❤️❤️💕💕

      I loved your absolutely awesome and thoughtful comment, E! 😍😍😘😘💕🌟❤️🦋

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  8. Amazing post, Rain, and I agree with you completely! It happens to many creatives out there and I think the natural reaction is to expect it to happen again and again but when it doesn’t it’s disappointing. We are only human so it’s to be expected but I agree with you that we need to sit back, rethink and remember to always be ourselves! Excellent post and I loved reading it!

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    1. THANK YOU SOO SOOO MUCHHHH, Darina! 😍❤️ I am soo glad you agree with this. AND EXACTLYY!! As you say, we are only human and so the disappointment always comes in crashing but we just need to keep reminding ourselves that as long as we write with our hearts, people are going to adore it, no matter what! 🦋


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  9. I’m not sure I actually ever knew such high levels of fame myself hahah I’m sorry to hear that it gave you momentary joy and followed up with loads of disappointment. I’m happy however that you understood that it’s important to always be yourself and let your posts speak for themselves. If they go viral or nah shouldn’t ever be anyone’s goal, but if it does, you got to make the most of it and be happy hahah Great post, Rain! 😀


    1. AWWW!! Thank you SOO SOO MUCH, Gianna! Your comment definitely made my day. But, I gotta apologize for such a late reply! Actually, I was on a four-month hiatus. Still, coming back to your sweet comment was ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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