[M O O N D U S T] A tale of love, a tragedy of will // Breaking and making of lives//

A lonely place.

Soundless and Laughterless


A family of seven.

And a hopeless world.


The mother puts on her best face for her little children, even in the face of extreme adversity. The father tries to keep his family alive, just one more day.

And then, when things seem manageable, something terrible happens.

One of the heartbeats stops.


In front of their eyes, their little kid dies! 😦 In the most brutal manner imaginable. The sister cries. The mother’s hysteria is out-of-control. The father tries to stop that from happening but fails.

But life doesn’t stop. It goes on. It has to.

They build their own little world. Their quiet world. They are mute. Want to speak. But cannot. They are helpless. But even that doesn’t matter. They learn to cope with it.

Another heartbeat is on its way as if God is trying to make up for what was unjustly taken away from them.

They are happy or at least trying to be. But the circumstances won’t let that happen! The father dies protecting his family. The daughter is filled with regret and guilt for never understanding his love for her. The mother’s heart and will are in tatters.

But she must go on. And she does. They all do.

The love they have for each other, the passion they have to live JUST ONE MORE DAY is far greater than a few sound sensitive monsters.


And so they put on their armours and go on. Fighting and loving.

laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object

Then there is a man. An artist by profession. With everything he could ever need to be happy – a loving wife, a beautiful son – a perfect family. But then one day,

the weather changes and with it changes his whole world.

Death and disgusting horror fill his upcoming hours.

He is forced to stay in a big glass enclosed place, with a few dozen more humans, all in the same position as he – scared and helpless. Much like the man in the above story. But the difference lies in…

their capacity to endure.

Their will to go on.

Although he manages an escape from the giant, dark things holding him and his son back, with a couple more people who trust in his leadership, who have full faith in his decisions, but, alas!

He accepts defeat JUST A FEW MOMENTS before the sun was about to shine before the mist was going to clear, a few minutes to his salvation and he gave up.

Not just he gave up but in the process, he ended up taking his followers’ and his son’s life with his own bare hands, barring shut any possibility of his leading a happy, normal life.

Granted that he was broken, granted that the circumstances he was in, most would have accepted defeat but that’s not the point, is it?

The point is that life is a constant source of struggles, sometimes giant, sometimes petite. What matters, what really matters is how strong we are, what drives us, and what is our breaking point.

We have to constantly push that point where we tend to give up- further and further, throughout our life. That’s the defining line between the making and breaking of our lives.

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A Quiet Place taught me the importance of love and what impact it can have on our will whereas The Mist taught me to forever reminding myself that the end is when we decide it would be, not when the circumstances force us and so, we have to keep moving. Continuously improving.


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So, what did you guys think?

Do you agree with what I discussed here? Or not?

Have you watched The Mist and A Quiet Place? Did you like them?

What was the one event in your life when you accepted defeat and then regretted that decision of giving up too quickly?

Tell me in the comments below! I am waiting! ❤ ❤ ❤

Lots of loooveee!!! Until next time.. ❤

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