L O V E //Moondust//

Love is like cinders on a warm hearth -volatile but giving every appearance of calm.

It’s impossible to escape it, isn’t it?
I mean, where will you go where you aren’t constantly reminded of it?

They say it’s in the air. But I wonder if it isn’t in our eyes instead. When I look at the stars, a curiosity fills me – a cosmic curiosity – how do they bear being the object of love and attention of so many? How do they still manage to burn with the same luminosity – after so many light years? How is it that they still give off a gentle heat for the sake of others? THAT IS LOVE. It never takes. No. It gives. But, by and by, I have come to realize that although love delights in giving the most, it DOES expect something in return. It’s more of an exchange. Maybe the stars expect admiration in exchange of their intensity?

When I look at the trees swaying right and left, their leaves murmuring soft whispers in their lover’s ears – the wind – I am filled with a joy so pure that it hurts to breathe.

I wonder if love isn’t just suffering that we have gotten used to – addicted to. Because, although the leaves and the wind get to caress each other every single moment of their being, it must hurt to the nth degree for the wind to know that one day, the leaf will wither away? Her object of fancy will be no more but she will be condemned to go on and on – forever, seeking the same pleasure but never finding it because you can find a similar body, yes, but can you duplicate a soul – the very essence of being?

So, I guess, that’s what love is.



Nothing else.


Every ounce of our being burns and dances with this pure emotion. It’s just that, sometimes we cloak it with hardness and cruelty because, let’s face it, something this pure needs to be safeguarded at all costs, right?

24 thoughts on “L O V E //Moondust//

      1. VERYY!!! ;P And tell you what, I am experiencing this first hand these days which makes everything…..EVERYTHING……seem mysterious, sort of out of my reach and yet I feel like I could get it if I just reached out. GOODDDDD!!! As it says in the featured image, I am ‘heavenly suffering’ and I LIKE IT! xD xD

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      2. Ah the glories of mystery…I wish you peace in your heavenly suffering and a lovely beginning. I will not say ending because of course you are just at the start 😊 a crazy but fun place to be. I can’t help but think Jane Austen novels – insert here 😊. Enjoy the pages of your story my sweet friend ❤️😊


  1. This is so magical – your writing is beautiful ❤ I share your fascination with the stars and agree that they are a sort of symbol of love. How you explained that was enchanting and I think you really have a talent! 🙂

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    1. THANKS A LOTTT!!! 😍😍❤ Oh, STARS ARE THE BEST! 😁😁 I mean, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT YOU CAN’T FIND UP ABOVE – you want to wallow over a heartbreak? GREAT! You want to mull over the greatness that is a HUMAN BEING? SUREE!! 😁 You want to depress yourself by judging your life choices??! THEY ARE DOWN FOR THAT TOO.😂😂 HAHAHAHA!!! I am SOO HAPPY THAT YOU LOOVE STARS AS MUCH AS I DO. 😊😊 They are beautifully out of reach and that gives them beauty. ❤

      AWWW!! THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR SWEET COMMENT. ❤❤❤ I am glad you liked it. 😁

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    1. AWWWWW!!! 😍😍😍 THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, Jas. I had hoped that my view will resonate with others and I AM SOOO GLAD THAT IT DID. 😁😁 This is a regular thought with me and it just seemed unfair to not share it with you guys. 😂

      Thank you. ❤

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