THE WITHERING WELL //September Wrap-up//


I made AMAZING new friends. I read GORGEOUS books. I ACTUALLY HAD FUN WHILE WRITING MY BLOG POSTS. I bought new heels ;p *BLACK*




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But apart from all that awesomeness, I learnt the value of time!!!!!!! No. No. No. No. I ACTUALLY learnt what they meant when they used to say ‘Time and tide waits for none’ ’cause DAMN! does blogging take time and the trick to find the PERFECT balance between your online life and the other mundane activities is something I haven’t been able to master yet BUT……………BUT I CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT I AM GETTING BETTER AT IT. Which is something, I guess?? :/



Let’s get to the ACTUAL WRAP-UP!!

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  • I started with this month with a new idea – ‘MY BOOKISH OBSESSIONS‘ You see, I am ALWAYS hung up on the books and authors that I read in the past and adored and so, I JUST HAD TO CREATE A SPACE TO TALK ABOUT THEM AND SHARE MY LOOOOVEEE WITH OTHER AWESOME PEOPLE SO THAT WE COULD OBSESS OVER THEM TOGETHER! *evil laughter* YESSSS. THAT’S MY EVIL PLAN.giphy25
  • I re-read Pride and Prejudice with a SPECIAL LASER focus on Mrs. Bennets’ shenanigans and wrote an entire post dedicated to her hilarious and sometimes cringe-worthy quotes – Some of Mr.s Bennet’s BEST moments  SHE IS A SPECIAL  LADY AND SHE DESERVES AND DELIGHTS IN ;P ALLLL THE ATTENTIONNN!! So you better listen to her and……giphy26
  • 4th to 10th october marked my attempt at the A-BOOK-A-DAY Challenge and GUESS WHAT? I SURVIVED. I DID IT. YAYYYYY!!!


  • Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park isn’t as popular among readers as it should be and that is not good!!! So, my next post was an attempt to make ’em all see the gloriousness that the book really is – MY ARGUMENTS MAY BE WEAK BUT MY INTENTIONS WERE TRUEEEE!!!!! You’ve GOT to read Mansfield Park is you are a Janeite and have stayed away from the book till now.
  • I reviewed Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones and let’s just say I’m still not over that book!
  • Thinking Out Loud  posts are where I post my thoughts AS THEY ARRIVE when I am reading the book. There is no editing and so you be sure that there is no real coherency either but HEYYYY, THERE IS LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN???? You guys love   to have fun, don’t ya? For this month I did two of them – NORTHANGER ABBEY BY JANE AUSTEN #1 and #2
  • A GREAT FEAST – Best posts + Reviews was my attempt at sharing with everyone the posts and reviews that I liked and it was supposed to be a weekly thing but damn! I AM LAZY. But I VOW TO DO THIS REGULARLY FROM OCTOBER ONWARD.
  • I reviewed Man and Boy and Elizabeth is Missing and you should definitely read these two books!!!!! YOU SHOULD. YOU HAVE TO. And if you are thinking that you can just false promise and I wouldn’t know then. my love………..giphy28
  • Re-reading Alice in Wonderland was THE BEST EXPERIENCE and I have decided to do it more often!!! And you should too. But if you are unconvinced or are doubtful whether re-reading books is worth the effort and time, then why don’t you read Aris’s post about why you should re-read books. I AM SUURE you won’t be so unwilling by the end of it.
  • I did THE HOBBIT TAG which I enjoyed so fucking much like YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!
  • OooOOoOoOOOoooOOO THIS ONE WAS FUN! I Loved doing this meme which I will be repeating on a monthly basis – ”OFF WITH THEIR HEADS”| Tidying my #tbr pile //because, boy, is it getting out of hand!//laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object

    Special Posts


    THE ALL DOLLED UP AWARD – Given monthly to the prettiest blog. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!! Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is. This month’s award looked something like this and was won by Ilsa@ A Whisper of Ink

    downtime tracks (2)

    Yes, I KNOW this is not much BUT I will try to make it EVEN PRETTIER the next month. HAPPY? HUH. MUGGLES!

    DUMBLEDORE UNDERSTANDS!! *TEARS OF FRUSTRATION + HAPPINESS+ (Oh, and I am still NOT over his death, by the way. *tears of pure pain and anguish*)
  • And I celebrated my first FIFTY+ followers! yes, that’s right. FIVE-0. F-I-F-T-Y. I AM SOOOOOO COOL. *starts listening to Shades of Cool*


    laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object


    I know I didn’t post a review for most of them this month but it just got so busy and I just….I……I…. I PANICKED, OKAYYY????giphy30laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object


    Now, this was my first wrap-up and I am very excited + equally nervous to share it. I don’t know if I was supposed to include something else. I AM SORRY!!! BUT, please let me know if I forgot anything.


    By the wayyyy, *squints eyes* HOW WAS YOUR SEPTEMBER? WHAT ALL DID YOU DO? DID YOU MEET YOUR GOALS? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS AND WE’LL CHAT. *bring some hot chocolate and movies too*


49 thoughts on “THE WITHERING WELL //September Wrap-up//

    1. Yeah, it really was! i had HIGH hopes from September and I must say my hopes were answered 😉


      And I HOPE SO TOO!!! You know what, I have a STRONG intuition that OCTOBER is going to be EVEN MORE awesome!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


      Liked by 1 person

    1. I wanted to read MORE (I KNOW, I AM A FREAK!! ;P) but amidst all that college stuff, I just couldn’t get the time! I will try to read more in October though.


      You too, Lu. ❤❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. NEW GIRL is fabulous, so sad theres no season 7???!!!!!

        I want to read waaaaayy more in October but my optician just told me that I’m doing too much reading and making my astigmatism worse and that I’m not allowed to read as much even tho I DONT EVEN READ THAT MUCH. UREGBVB I NEEDED TO RANT.

        aw thanks ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I NOW RIGHT!!!! I was bummed when I read about it! 😞 Oh, well! We can always REWATCH THE SERIES OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER…..(you get the drift? 😉)

        Oh, dear! 😞 That must make reading so much more difficult. To think that you aren’t able to read as much as you want to, ugh, *starts crying* 😣😢😢

        DON’T WORRY, LUU, I AM SURE IT’LL GET BETTER WITH TIME *I am a miracle worker, by the way 😉 * ❤❤❤❤

        *sends you a telepathic hug*

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yassss I’ve already rewatched it several times but I WILL KEEP REWATCHING IT.

        I knowwwwww it really suckssssss *cries with you*

        Aww you thank you so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


        Liked by 1 person

      4. omg yes. Well… I did?? I was watching it and I’ve stopped somewhere AND I WANT TO START AGAIN but all I know is that I was at the episode where dean and sam go to the policewoman’s house and she has the two girls and shit goes down at their school???


    1. AND I ENJOY READING YOURS!! ❤❤ HAHAHA! You think I am hilarious?? *wide eyes* REALLYYY?? AWW, THANK YOUUUU!!! *bakes you the biggest chocolate cake ever baked in the history of bakers 😂😂 *
      I LOVE YOU TOOOOOO!! 😍😍😍


  1. Ohhh that award you created is SO adorable, I love it so much and it’s such a brilliant idea to do that, I love it. ❤
    It seems like you had such a great month – and congratulations on the followers! Here's to hoping you'll have a great October as well! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am sooo sorry for SUCH A LATE REPLYY!! 😅😅 But my notifications have been ALL OVER THE PLACE! I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE. 😂😂

      THANK YOU SOOO MUCH AND I AM SOO GLAD YOU LIKED THE IDEA OF THE AWARD. I am not going to give up on it then. 😊😊☺

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot, Jenn. I hope to read a bit more this month! God knows I am wayyyyy behind my Goodreads challenge this year. 😂 Oh. Well! This should teach me not to be over ambitious. 😂😂


  2. I love your energy! It reminds me of me. You had a great reading month and I am jealous. While I read quite a bit, I am sad to say I did not complete my TBR because I deviated from it quite a bit. I did find new book boyfriends though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, THAT makes ME jealous of YOU now! 😂😂 Because although I did have a great month and read a DECENT amount of books – all of ’em pretty amazing – I DID NOT FIND ANY OF THE CHARACTERS THAT WERE “BOYFRIEND MATERIAL” 😂😂😜

      But I am SURE you’ll read as many books in October as there are days in the month. 😉😁


  3. A book a day! That is crazy 😀 I bet it was really good for your goals though 🙂 50 followers that quick! I am absolutely amazed 🙂 it took me more than a half a year to get that many!

    I have to say, I am very impressed with your love for the classics 🙂 it’s very hard to get any real understanding from people, and especially people with blogs. They only blog about YA 😀 so I’ll have to read your Austen et al posts soon! Very intriguing.


    1. Yeah it does seem crazy at first but I AM TELLING YOU, IT IS SURPRISINGLY DOABLE. 😃 Maybe you can try it sometimes. 😊 I’d like to know about your experience with the challenge if you decide to do it.

      I KNOW RIGHT??!?! 😱 I WAS flabbergasted (ANY EXCUSE TO USE THAT FUCKING WORD. 😂😂😂😂😂)!!!!! But I am glad that people like what they see here and want more of it. It’s flattering. *blushes*

      You know what, this is my SECOND blog. YES. Last time, I was trying to fit in. Blogging about YA when I am really not much of a fan and trying to imitate. BUT it DID NOT GET ME ANYWHERE. NOW, that I have started writing about things that I give a fuck about, people are responding. I HAVE MADE LOVELY FRIENDS LIKE YOU 😊 in the last month and I am veryyy veryyy happy to have decided to only talk about things I care about you know. Otherwise, it just sort of……drifts….and nothing happens.

      OH, I AM VERYY EXCITED TO KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS ON Jane Austen posts. SHE IS MY FAVORITE. Looking forward to chatting with you about her. 😉



      1. Um no, I’m pretty sure I can’t do a book a day xD mostly because that involves only having an hour or two free every day, and by that time you’re already pretty tired 😀 so not in the foreseeable future! Also, as a lover of flabbergasted, I believe you would probably also enjoy the word defenestrate. Have fun using that in a sentence 😃 (I do a happy dance every time someone does. I’ve seen it twice now!) I know what you mean though! I’ve never tried to blend in xD if I don’t read YA I don’t read YA! But my blog is still relatively small, I’ve only been in this community for about a year now. Almost a year. Blogoversary in 10 days, actually 🙂 but I will never sell out xD hehehe. As for your blog, I really love your voice 😀 and I’ll be happy to read more classics posts! I still have those open on my browser. TIIIIIIME TURNERRRR where are youuuuu


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