”OFF WITH THEIR HEADS”| Tidying my #tbr pile //because, boy, is it getting out of hand!//

In this monthly meme which was generated by my Alice in Wonderland obsessed self, I am going to discard books which I KNOW I will never EVER read but still I had the AUDACITY to add them to my tbr which is now as big as Sauron’s tower!!! Ugh.

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Okay. Okay. O-fucking-KAYYY!!! I get it that people are IN LOOOVEEE with this book and ADORE it and *insert some synonym for affection* BUT I just….*sigh* It JUST DOESN’T APPEAL TO ME. The character MAY BE brilliant and the plot MAY BE spell-binding and the cover (the new one) MAY BE very attractive but I just cannot seem to pick it up and read it. It’s like every time I promise myself I will read it this week or this month, I just end up putting it off again and it’d be a WHOLE LOT better if I just removed it and give the prestigious place in my list to some book else.


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I don’t know what state of mind I was when I added this to my GLORIOUS & ECLECTIC to-be read list but let’s just say that the the madness has shed and I no longer want this ugly, repelling, ‘should be ripped to shreds’ book. I know it is most cruel and hardhearted of me to even say such things about a book but I JUST CAN’T HELP IT. I cannot BEAR to read another blurb which goes along the lines of – ‘THE CHARACTER HAS DEEEEEP SECRETS HIDDEN AND JUST WHEN HE/SHE IS ABOUT TO FIND ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD…BAM!….THE SECRETS START CRASHING THEIR WAY INTO THEIR LIVES.’

Let me tell you – NO ONE CARES! You’ve got to have more than just ‘dirty secrets’ to seduce me into buying a book and actually spend hours out of my life reading it. I won’t do it for a shitty plot. I WON’T.


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First of all, WHAT KIND OF A NAME IS AMERICA SINGER??? I legit had to re-read the synopsis TWICE to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

I added the book just for the color – I MEAN LOOK AT IT! TEALLLL! I love teal and anything that comes wrapped with this gorgeous color surely can’t be bad. BUT TO HELL WITH TEAL, I AM NEVER READING THIS SERIES. EVER. PERIOD.

And to top it all, I read in someone’s review that there is a  LOVE TRIANGLE! *pukes*




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”I’ll just say that I made it about halfway before I couldn’t take anymore of how almost every single girl but the special narrator is blonde, skinny, nearly naked, flirtatious and mean. Jessie is clearly supposed to be special and different from all of the “mostly blond, vacant-eyed Barbies and Kens.” Emily May reviews on Goodreads

And you know what, after reading many, MANY reviews of this book, I really on’t want to read this book. I REALLY, REAALLLYY DON’T.

So, Julie Buxbaum, nothing personal but I DON’T WANT YOU TO TELL ME THREE THINGS. Okay? OKAY.



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Now, I know I should’ve kicked out more books out of my TBR pile but, I don’t know, I just feel attached to the rest of them right now and I want to give them another chance. A MONTH. That’s it. Let’s see which of them will make it to November.

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HOW ABOUT YOUUU?? Which books are you going to kick out? Which ones will be facing the hangman’s noose? TALK TO ME.

7 thoughts on “”OFF WITH THEIR HEADS”| Tidying my #tbr pile //because, boy, is it getting out of hand!//

  1. Ohh nooo the selection series was actually good though =) but then again I like reading young adult, realistic fiction, dystopian, etc but if you don’t like that then I guess you wouldn’t like the selection….BUT OMG YAS THE DRESSES ON THE COVERS ARE SOO PRETTYYYYY

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    1. Oh, honey, I am sooo sorry 😞 but after reading many, MANY negative reviews of The Selection series, it just killed my excitement and anticipation for the book. Ugh. I wish I had read it the moment I saw the book but now, I don’t think so. You see, my opinions are tainted with prejudice now. 😐😉


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      1. Ya I do see why there were so many negative reviews. BUT THE COVERS. THE COVERS ARE FREAKIN KILLING ME OMG THE DRESS ARE SO PRETTY. this is a very emotional subject for me 😂😂


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