[Update] A-Book-A-Day #Challenge //COMPLETED//

I absolutely had no hopes of actually completing it on time. My abilities shocked me! When I started this challenge last Monday, I was not feeling competitive or anything like that. I just dwelt on the satisfaction that would be mine if I actually complete this on time. And, look I DID it, Tiana. (She’s the one who gave me the idea, bless her! 🙂 You guys should check her blog out. )

And now I will break it all down for you – how I managed it and how much I panicked through the course of the week.



I read Mister Pip to start off my week and it was everything anyone could ever wish for in a book and  I ended up devouring it within that day! I reviewed it here. Having read Mister Pip before the day was over, it gave me time to immediately start the next book on my tbr for the week, which was Elizabeth is Missing….




I read it and I LOVED this one as well ( DON’T PANIC!! I will review it here in detail) But it took me a whole day to complete it. Ugh..Normal human duties and bloody classes came in the way.



i was supposed to read Moonfleet but I got sick – a burning headache which is a regular occurrence with me BTW – and I could not keep my eyes open and SOO, I spent the entire day sleeping away that throbbing pain in my head. And naturally that put pressure on the next day…….




I was determined to complete at least two books that day but I got a call from my friend and I had to rush to my college (I had taken an off) to see to that. And so, it was only in the evening that I could start reading Moonfleet which turned out to be yet another AMAZING read and surprisingly short! I was able to finish it by 2 the next morning. And I was so pumped up on the rush of the possible victory that I did not loose any time in picking up the next one in the list..




The next was The Borrowers and it was SOOO cute!! 😍 (More about it in my review) And it was a short read too (not too short but, yeah) I completed it and Her Fearful Symmetry the same day. And I loved the both of them.




I reserved Songs of the Humpback Whale for the end but I was not really satisfied with this. I mean….I don’t know. Will tell you more later.
I realized, however, that there was still one book left – Man and Boy by Tony Parsons.


And I was so happy  that I had something to wash off Jodi Picoult’s effect on me. I absolutely ADORED Man and Boy and have so much to say about it but there isn’t enough space here. So, I’ll talk about it separately.


There you have it. I COMPLETED the challenge and it feels great. I am going to keep it going though I will set the criteria to a certain number of books per week because  a-book-a-day puts an unnecessary pressure on mind. 😅


Anyone else took the challenge? Would you like to try it? Or do you think it’s completely nuts? Tell me in the comments below. Let’s chat.

19 thoughts on “[Update] A-Book-A-Day #Challenge //COMPLETED//

    1. Heyyy…that’s GREAT!! 😊😊 I am sure you’ll make it. But I discovered that if I would think of it as 7 books a week, it’d sound less intimidating and would scare my mind less. 😅😅 So, that’s what I am going to do now.
      But heyy…KEEP IT UP!! 😊❤

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      1. Not yet but I am looking forward to it. My schedule for September was all packed – you know assignments and all – but I hope to read it next month..
        And heyy, let me know if you decide to do the a-book-a-day challenge. It’s surprisingly doable! 😊😊😊 I’d love for us to take the challenge together and then review the books we read with each other. What do you say? 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, school can be horrible :/ I have midterm exams going on now ughh :((( You won’t be disappointed!! I’m reading loads of fanfiction of that right now ha ha xD
        That sounds awesome!! But I’d have to wait until September 26th, which is when my exams get over. Is that okay with you? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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