Fear and Loathing outside the window: What social-anxiety is really like.

Social anxiety is the ‘thing’ these days. Oh, how many posts, conversations I have witnessed where people just call themselves that like it’s no big deal. That, my friend, is a violation of the characteristic. Oh, no no. We can’t have that. So, allow me to share with you what it really means to be a socially awkward person with nerves that NEVER calm down! Let’s keep the distinction alive.

1. Practice makes perfect.

So, this is the very first thing you’ll notice in a socially anxious person – their deep rooted belief in the old adage. They are so dedicated that they will practice how to say, ‘One cheese burger with extra fries, please’ hundreds of times and still ask you to order at the counter.


2. Championing in ‘high-jumping’…

…to conclusions. So, you guys just met. You really liked the other person. You said ‘you’ll see them soon’ and you thought that you conveyed the message properly? Oh, no no no no. You thought wrong, dude. See, to a socially anxious person’s ear, what you said got rearranged in respect of the vibrations and was interpreted as, “I hate you, you chicken-shit. You worthless piece of crap. I don’t care three straws if we meet again or not. Suck it, loser.” Yes, science, man!


3. Procrastination is not optional.

Lying on a bed with their faces buried while you listen to their mumbling about that thing they were going to start today – most likely, going out and catching up with friends, boyfriends, space aliens – but didn’t because they couldn’t find that good-luck charm which their best friend from seventh grade gave them is just a typical day into a socially anxious person’s life. Just don’t forget to agree with them!


4. Universally loved – virtually.

A socially anxious person has a love-hate relationship with their mobile phones. They despise it because it just keeps giving them more and more reasons to get uneasy about their life-choices and current-situation and yet, look how everyone in that fb group adores them! and LOOK! How many followers they have on Twitter!!


5. I want dragons.

Now this one’s legit the only one which you really wanna look out for. You see, although not every fantasy lover will be an anti social freak, but the other way around is true. Dragons offer them hoards of gold and diamonds, an arguably cool transport which can burn all those scary things called ‘human beings’ down.. Of course they want dragons. AND you’ll have to provide them with one. I am sorry but that’s just how it’s going to be.



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